Prepared in a FDA registered facility
Certified organic
The concept of Happy Friends was put together with a focus set on deep healing. Created by artist Bana Bongolan, and certified herbalist Melissa K. Pierce.
Whether you’re creative, analytical, anxious, hardworking, slow-paced, fast-paced, etc. or all the above, this product could be for you.
Happy Friends was formulated with the mission to target mental health in a world where it isn’t prioritized enough, and quite frankly, too inaccessible.

The name Happy Friends was chosen for the simplicity of the message it provides – we all want to see our friends happy and thriving, and sometimes we are that friend who needs a pick-me-up. This product is best to be taken daily for its effects, this way, it can build in your system. It can also be taken in a moment where you may need calming energy, or a drive to keep on going throughout the day.

The story of this product lies behind the people who brought it together. Artist Bana Bongolan has many successes on her resume, but that has not come without stride. Although she is now sober, she has struggled with mental health and drug abuse for years, as well as some of her friends. One of her previous ideas included a CBD line to help her peers ease their anxiety and overcome addiction, but was quickly shot down with the rise of the pandemic. Bana Bongolan is a visionary and creative director who is able to make dreams transition to reality.
When she met herbalist Melissa K. Pierce, this idea was able to bloom. Sometimes, all that’s missing are people with different backgrounds to make magic come to life.
The herbs listed in this tincture includes Schisandra (berry), Bacopa (leaf), Chamomile (flower), Ginger (root), and is extracted in vegetable glycerin.

The herbal properties of Schisandra are: enhanced memory, focus and concentration, as well as stimulates the immune system.
The herbal properties of Bacopa: helps brain function, as well as helping to reduce anxiety and stress, and could even lower blood pressure levels.
The herbal properties of Chamomile: may have antidepressant activity, and a calming effect.
The herbal properties of Ginger: improves memory and attention, brain health, acts as a natural antidepressant, and calms anxiety.

A certified Posterchild product, powered by Bana Bongolan and Melissa K Pierce. Medically certified Organic lab made. Formulated with love in Los Angeles to enhance happiness.
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Bana Bongolan is a Filipina Los Angeles native who's specialized as an artist for 13 years. With a background in fashion/streetwear, entertainment and cannabis, there's really nothing she can't do when it comes to creativity. Although new to the herbal medicine sphere, she has formally worked with Crooks and Castles, LRG, Young and Reckless, Cassie, Saweetie, YG, Sherbinskis. She is now with Jaden Smith, (has returned to) Diamond Supply Co. and is moving forward with Hubble Studio, Balanced Los Angeles, and her companies PosterChild &
B A N A. Bana Bongolan cares to "continuously push the art culture forward" by working with all artists, ranging from small businesses, to well known corporations and creatives.
Melissa K. Pierce is a 7th generation Texan published author/poet, model, astrologer and certified herbalist who followed the pursuit of her dreams all the way to sunny southern California. With a passion for plant medicine, she found an herbalism school located on a farm in the mountains of Malibu where she learned the healing and medicinal properties of plants, ranging from wild weeds to herbs you’d find in a kitchen cabinet. Anxiety and depression is no stranger to her, which is why she was so easily able to decide which herbs would be perfect for this blend.